Adding accreditations within the Launchpad

There are two ways to add accreditation to In2Event. Firstly, you can add categories and items within an event. This means that whatever you add, will only be available in that event. The second option is to add categories and items within the Launchpad settings. When doing this, the categories and items will be available […]

Rider item database

Artists will provide you with their riders. It’s possible to add items per rider, but we’ve also created the rider item database for your convenience. In this database, you can add items that are requested frequently. This way, you can simply import them to an artist profile, and only have to fill out all information […]

Create artist task lists

If you want to, you can add your own tasks to an artist profile and to the artist advancing sheet. It’s very useful to do this if there are certain tasks that you need to check off for every artist. Examples of such tasks are: receive logo confirmation, receive rider confirmation, press kit checked, agreements […]


Accommodations can be set up if guests, crewmembers, or artists need an overnight stay. Accommodations are requested and assigned in the same way as accreditation items. First, you need to add a location and then you can add accommodations to this location. For example; You have booked six rooms in a hotel nearby. The hotel […]

Terms & Conditions in production requests

Adding terms and conditions It’s possible to add terms and conditions to your production requests. This means that vendors have to accept them before they can open a request. If you want to add terms and conditions to your production requests, this is how: Head on over to ‘Settings’ / ‘Production module’. Check the box for […]

Crowd list options

When you have created a list, there are several actions that are easy to execute. You can for instance easily resend, close, approve, or send a reminder. You can perform any action for one individual list or for multiple lists at the same time. The following options apply to the crew lists, guest lists, production […]

RSVP settings

It is important to decide whether you want the visitors to confirm their presence or not. If so, then the RSVP option can be used. RSVP stands for: Répondez s’il vous plaît, or: Please answer. If the RVSP option is enabled, the approved members of a crowd type will receive an email with an invitation […]

Importing and exporting third-party barcodes

It’s possible to use third-party barcodes within In2Event and to have In2Event tickets used by third parties. This can be useful when, for instance, you’re working together with another company for your parking tickets. Or, when the people on your In2Event guestlists will need to come in through the main entrance. Your ticketing partner at […]

Creating and sending production requests

Need some help with creating a production request? Look no further! Select the event at the Launchpad. Click on ‘Production’ on the lift side menu. Click ‘Production requests’. Click the blue button that says ‘Add production request’. You’ll start with providing ‘General’ information. Choose the category that applies to this vendor. You can use the categories, later […]

Add attachments to production requests

It is possible to add documents to a production request. When you do this, these documents are visible to all suppliers to whom you send production requests. The attachments are added to every request you send. Head on over to ‘Settings’ / ‘Production module’ in the event. Click on ‘Add attachment’ at ‘Attachment(s) of all […]