Master data

You can access the ‘Master data’ through the Launchpad settings. There are four master data categories:

  1. Crowd types
    This is where you can add crowd types and segments. Read more about why you would do that in this article.
  2. Metadata fields
    Metadata fields are used if there is specific information you wish to obtain from your crew members or other guests. Metadata fields can appear on, for instance, your crew lists or guest lists.
  3. Accreditations
    It’s possible to add your accreditation categories and items on this page. We highly suggest working like this if you’re managing multiple events in In2Event. This way, you will only have to add the information once. After that, you can simply choose what you want to activate for your current event. If you want to read more about adding accreditations, you can check out what we wrote about that here. If you need a little refresher about what accreditations are, you can read this article.
  4. Accommodations
    This is where you control all accommodation settings. We suggest adding them here if you have a partnership with a location and will be using these accommodations again for another event.
    Read more about adding accommodations in this article.

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