Import barcodes

If you’re working with See Tickets or Eventix, it’s possible to set up an API connection. By doing so their tickets will automatically be integrated into In2Event. Read more about setting that up in this article.

If you want to use tickets from other third parties, this is also possible. You can easily do this by manually importing these barcodes. This can be very useful if you, for instance, want to scan guest tickets at the main entrance.

How to import barcodes

  1. Go to your Launchpad and select the event.
  2. Go to ‘Settings’ and click on ‘Barcodes and Tickets’.
  3. Click on ‘Barcodes’.
  4. You’ll see an overview of your accreditation items. Behind every item, you can see the ‘Import‘ button. Click it.
  5. You can now put up a reference for the barcodes, this is for internal use.
  6. After that, paste (or type, but we recommend pasting) the barcodes you need for this item.
  7. Click on ‘Import’ and you’re done.


*Click on the picture for higher resolution.


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