Access zones

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With In2Event, it’s possible to divide your venue or location into different ‘zones’. When using the access zones, access management becomes easier to regulate.

We will elaborate on this by using an example.

You’re hosting an event that’s divided into five different areas that aren’t open to the public. Not every guest or crew member is allowed to enter each area. Your five access zones are Backstage (1), On Stage (2), Front of House (3), VIP Deck (4) and Artist Lounge (5). Please note; you can also use letters instead of numbers.

Before the event takes place, access zones get assigned to people. When an individual checks in, the Zebra wristband printers will automatically print personalised wristbands that contain the zones this person is allowed to enter.

A VIP guest would probably only be allowed at the VIP Deck. Their wristband would state their name and the number ‘4’.

An artist would have ‘1, 2, 5’ on their wristband.

If someone is cleared for ‘All Access’ they’d have ‘1, 2, 3, 4, 5’ on their wristband.

It’s also possible to add ‘All Access’ as a zone. If you’d do this and link it to the number ‘1’, someone with a ‘1’ on their wristband is allowed to go everywhere.

If you’re building a huge event, it’s possible that you will have a lot more than 5 different zones. That’s why you have the possibility to add ‘Access Zone Roles’ as well. Roles contain many different access zones.

We will look at this with an example again.

You’re having 20 different zones, for example ‘Mainstage (1)’, ‘ Second stage (2)’, ‘Artist area (2)’, ‘Production area (4)’, ‘Finance area (5)’, ‘Backstage (6)’, ‘Catering (7)’, ‘Campsite (8)’ and so on. If someone is cleared for ‘All access’ there would be too many zones on a wristband. That’s why you create Roles, they could be called ‘All access’, ‘Crew’ or ‘Production crew’. To these roles you assign access zones. Looking at the role ‘All access’ you would assign all access zones. When printing the wristband it will only read the role instead of all access zones.

Using the access zones in combination with the wristband printers will improve the security at your event. By quickly checking the numbers stated on the wristband, a security member can easily check if an individual is allowed into that access zone or not.