Entourage tickets in briefings

There are two different ways in which you can send out entourage tickets;

  • You can either choose to let the agency of the artists fill in the names of the guests with their email address. The tickets will be send out automatically and the guests will receive their tickets.
  • Or you can choose to send the entourage tickets together with the artist briefing. Then, the agency is responsible to send the entourage tickets to the guests. Please note; the amount of entourage tickets that will be included, depends on the amount you allow them to receive (for more information about this, click here). Read down below how you can set up this setting!

Where can you find this setting?

  1. Go to briefings, briefing templates and click ‘Add briefing’.
  2. At the last step ‘Options’, click ‘Advanced settings’.
  3. Then select the option to ‘Include all entourage tickets’.
  4. When you have selected the box, all the entourage tickets will be send out together with the briefing of the artist!

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