Sending crowd lists

Crowd lists are a nifty way to gather information about your crew members, guests, VIP’s or any other crowd types. There are two different ways to do so – external & internal. The external crowd lists gives other people the possibility to fill in the information themselves. Internally means you fill in all information yourself. We will take the external list as an example:

  1. Select the right event in the launchpad.
  2. Go to the correct crowd type (e.g. crew or guests) and then click ‘List’.
  3. Click ‘Add list’ in the top right corner.
  4. Select the segment the list belongs to and the entrance, which the people on the list should use.
  5. Through ‘Add recipient’ in the next step you decide which person should receive the link to the list. You can also select a contact.
  6. ‘Accreditation options & limits’ let’s you decide on which items you want to set free for that particular list. You can decide for a limit for each accreditation item. You also have to determine the days, on which the items should be available.
  7. Fill in your contact details and write an e-mail body. You can also save these settings to use them again in another list.
  8. You want the list to be approved automatically? Just tick the box 😉
  9. The last step is to set up a deadline. Choose a date and hit ‘Submit’!

The internal list works exactly the same, only without filling in a recipient in step 5, as you will put in the information yourself.