The ‘Accreditation’ section will be very important for you. Here you determine all settings regarding your accreditations, access zones and accommodations. Whether you want to add, remove or edit any of it – it will all take place here.

  1. At ‘Accreditations’ you basically manage all your items for your crew and guests. If you want to find out more about adding accreditations please click here.
  2. ‘Accreditation templates’ gives you an overview of all your accreditation templates for individuals, crowd lists and production needs. Click here to find out how to add templates.
  3. In the ‘Access zones’ section you manage your access zones and assigned roles. Please click here to read more about access zones.
  4. At ‘Accommodations’ you can manage your accommodations and rommtypes. You can add, edit or delete categories or single roomtypes. Click here to find out more about adding accommodations.