General settings

In the ‘General settings’ section in each event you can manage information about your company, event, location & entrances and more. It’s important to know that information about dates, times, location and entrances are used again in the briefings to give those information automatically to every visitor of your event.

1. Under ‘Event’ you can set your event name and logo or you can archive your event, when it’s finished.

2. At ‘Billing’ you get an overview of your used modules and how many items you used in each module.

3. ‘Dates & Times’ lets you add or remove dates and times. You can also decide which days are showdays.

4. If you have different entrances for your crowd types you can set them at ‘Location & Entrances’. Here you can also change the location of your event if you want to.

5. At ‘Crowdtypes’ you can add new crowd types and segments to your event.