Prepaid deal

If the company you are working for, has a prepaid deal. Read this article to learn more about how to create an event.

How to create an event?

1.  Go to the Launchpad and click the ‘add a new event’ button on the right.

2. Fill in your event details; event name and the location of the event. You can always change this information in the event itself.


3. Select the event dates & times. Select your productional period. This is the entire range of days including the ones you use to build up or break down your event. These days will all reappear throughout the system.

4. Add team members to your event or invite new team members. You can also add or invite team members in a later stage.

5. Select or add the crowd types & segments you are expecting for this event. If you want to learn more about crowd types and segments, click here

6. Fill in your invoice data.

7. Click on the blue button to add your event! Done!