In2Event offers support for many different issues during the organizational process. For example, In2Event can be used to handle large production requests, to manage the performances, but also to simply send out guest and crew lists. Because not every organizer who works with In2Event uses all the features, we have divided the features into 3 modules.

The Core
This is the basis of In2Event. With The Core you can easily send out guest lists and crew lists, personalized briefings and e-tickets.
If you work with In2Event, The Core is always part of the package.

With the features of the Production module you can manage the large production requests. For example, you can send production requests to suppliers to find out what they need to be able to do their job at your event. You could for example think of crew lists, technical supplies, accommodations, parking tickets etc.

You manage the program and the performances with the Program module. With the Program module you can create a line-up, maintain contact with the artists, and collect necessary information about their performance. You could for example think of riders, their accompanying crew and guests, accommodation, etc.

Please note; If certain features are not available to you, it is possible that the module that contains this feature is not activated for your account. If these features are desired, please contact us.