Artist handling

In the preparations for the event, all information regarding the artists is completely filled out so that the check-in of the artists and their guests during the event can run smoothly.

Below is an explanation of how an artist check-in goes into effect during the event.

  1. Choose the right event from the Launchpad.
  2. Click ‘Mission Control‘ and then ‘Artist Handling‘ in the left menu.
  3. You will be taken to the artist check-in page. This is the page where you will check in with the artists during the event along with any tour managers and/or other crew. Guests are checked in via the crew/guest handling check-in page.

When an artist arrives at the artists entrance, enter the name in the system to check in. This way you can see what the person is accredited for.

When the artist has checked in, you can see this in the overview ‘Artist Handling‘. Behind the checked-in artist you can see a green ‘dot’. Artists who have not yet checked in and are in danger of being too late will automatically receive an orange ‘dot’ behind their name. The artists who have not yet checked in and are running late will automatically receive a red ‘dot’ behind their name. This makes it easy to see who is, and who is not yet checked in.