Crowd handling

In the preparations for the event all information relating to the crowd will have been filled in completely. This way the the check-in during the event can run smoothly. A number of examples of crowd types are: crew, guests and press.

Below is explained how a crowd check-in at an event works.

  1. Choose the right event from the Launchpad.
  2. Go to ‘Mission control‘ in the left menu.
  3. Then you end up on the crowd check-in page. At this page you will check in the crowd types during the event.

The person who wants to be checked in must have his e-ticket scanned at the entrance. The person who scans the ticket gets to see on the laptop screen what the person is accredited for. The vouchers or wristbands can be directly printed and handed out to the visitor. If the person has checked in, this can be seen on the crowd check-in page. This way it is possible to keep track of who is already at the event and who is yet to come.

If you would like to know what has been issued in total, you can find the complete overview in the left menu under ‘Reports‘.