Production control

The production control is the check-in page for your suppliers. You will see an overview of all your production requests. If you want to make last-minute changes in the production needs, print out catering vouchers or wristbands or write an important remark for that supplier – you will do it all at this page.

  1. Go to the right event in the launchpad.
  2. Go to Mission Control / Production control.
  3. You will see an overview of all production requests.
  4. Select a supplier by clicking on the reference.
    1. Change the amount of an article in the ‘issued’-column to hand out more items than originally requested. The system makes sure to save the new amount in your reports.
    2. Press the ‘print’-button next to an article to print out the whole amount of items with one click.
    3. You will find ‘Remarks’ on top of the production request. You can write public or private remarks. Public remarks can be seen by the recipient of the production request and you. Private remarks are only visible for people within your company.