Access zones

Access zones and access zone roles help you to deal with accreditations for your crew members and other crowd types. You can divide your venue or location into different zones. This way you can manage access and assign accreditations to specific zones.

Below you will find the steps of creating access zones and roles.

Access zones

  1. Choose the right event in the Launchpad.
  2. Go to Settings / Accreditations / Access zones.
  3. Select if the access zones are date specified or unspecified.  Date specified means the access zone is valid only on specific dates. Unspecified means the access zone is valid during the whole event.
  4. Click on ‘Add access zone’.
  5. Fill in the requested details and click on ‘Add access zone’.

Access zone roles

You can combine access zones to create roles. This way you don’t have to assign all kind of different access zones to the people in your system, but use roles instead.

After doing the steps above:

  1. Click on ‘Add role’
  2. Give the role a unique name. You can give it a description if you like.
  3. Select the crowd types the role should be available for.
  4. Select the zones for the role. If you chose ‘date specified’ you have to tick the boxes for the access zones and each day.
  5. Click ‘Add this role’ and you’re done!


You created the access zones ‘Production office’, ‘Finance office’, ‘Artist area’ and ‘Backstage’. Now you create the roles ‘AAA’ and ‘Artist runner’. For ‘AAA’ you tick all boxes, but for ‘Artist Runner’ you only tick ‘Production office’, ‘Artist area’ and ‘Backstage’ and keep ‘Finance office’ blank. Now you can assign the roles to people in your system and ensure that everyone will have the correct accreditation during your event.