Default artist accreditation

It’s possible to set several accreditation items as default artist accreditation. You can find the settings in your event at Settings / Program settings / Default artist accreditation. Here you will see a list of all your accreditation items, which are available for your artists. By filling in numbers for certain items you decide on which items all your artists should receive. Down below you will see an example.

In this case you will find the number 1 at Artist (19.06), Artist (20.06) and on both dates for Artist parking. This means that every artist which has a performance on the 19th of June will receive 1 Artist accreditation and 1 Artist parking accreditation for the 19th of June. Each artist that has a performance on the 20th of June will receive the same for the next day.

If you have different accreditations for artists on different stages it makes sense to add the artists stage by stage. This way you can change the default artist accreditation as soon as you’re done with one stage.