Default entourage accreditation

It’s possible to set several accreditation items as default accreditations for your artist’s entourage. You can find this option in your event at Settings / Program settings / Artist entourage. Here you can determine the default accreditations per crowd type. We use ‘Crew’ as an example.

  1. Click on ‘Settings’ next to the crowd type ‘crew’.
  2. A window will pop up which shows you all accreditation items, which are available for the crowd type crew.
  3. First you have to determine the amount of people an artist is allowed to bring for that particular crowd type. After that you can fill in numbers for several accreditation items. Below you will find an example.

    In this case the artist is allowed to bring 2 people on each day. Each of these 2 people will receive 1 Crew accreditation.
  4. After filling in the numbers click ‘Save’ at the bottom of the window.
  5. Go to the bottom of the page and click ‘Save’ again.