Program settings

In the program settings you can determine the settings which apply to the program module in your event. It’s divided into 4 sections.

  1. What is the default status for your artists? In the ‘Default settings’ you can standardize the status for your artists booking status, the itinerary status, rider status or performer status. You can also determine if the entourage of each artist should put in any information under ‘Custom fields’.
  2. It’s also possible to set up ‘Default accreditations’. This means you set some default settings that will apply to all artists in this event. Of course you can alter the accreditations on an individual level later on. Please do note that the number you fill in at the default settings apply to each individual artist. This means that when an artist is a band with six members, every one of those six members will receive the items in the numbers you’ve filled in.
  3. You can also determine the default accreditations for the ‘Artist entourage’. You can set accreditations for each crowd type, which will be added automatically to the people in the artists’s entourage.
  4. Under ‘Stage Ordering’ you can change the order of your stages.