Briefing statuses

Briefings can have several statuses. Here we will explain what these statuses mean. Waiting for briefing: This means there is no briefing active yet for the crowd type or segment to which the receivers have been added. Briefing in queue: This status will show after activating the briefing. The briefing has not been sent but […]

Create and send briefings

Need some help on how to create and send briefings? Maybe it’s your first time, or maybe you need a little refresher, it’s all good. We’re here to help you. If you follow the steps below A briefing is an email that In2Event will send to the recipients you have selected. You can send a […]

Create a briefing template

Before you send out the briefings, you need to create a briefing template. You can create different briefings for different crowd types. For example, you can send a specific briefing to the crew and a specific briefing to artists. Follow the steps beneath to create a briefing template. Difference between a briefing and a briefing […]