Creating and sending production requests

Need some help with creating a production request? Look no further! Select the event at the Launchpad. Click on ‘Production’ on the lift side menu. Click ‘Production requests’. Click the blue button that says ‘Add production request’. You’ll start with providing ‘General’ information. Choose the category that applies to this vendor. You can use the categories, later […]

Add attachments to production requests

It is possible to add documents to a production request. When you do this, these documents are visible to all suppliers to whom you send production requests. The attachments are added to every request you send. Head on over to ‘Settings’ / ‘Production module’ in the event. Click on ‘Add attachment’ at ‘Attachment(s) of all […]

Production request settings

A production request is a digital fill-in sheet that you can send to your suppliers to let them request productional necessities. For example, accommodations, accreditations or bulk items. There are several settings regarding production requests. Required steps It’s possible to add some required steps to a production request. This means the recipient of the request […]